Quick Answer: Is Norwegian a son or sen?

The Danes reduced the -o- to an uh sound, and so they spell it -sen; the Norwegians tend to follow Danish spelling, since they’d been part of the Danish realm for centuries. All those first-name-plus-sen names are Danish or Norwegian; most of the -son names are Swedish.

Do Norwegian names end in SEN or son?

Generally speaking, Swedish surnames end in “son” and Danish and Norwegian surnames end in “sen.” My maiden name was Olson. Dad was 87.5 percent Swedish with a half-Danish grandmother thrown in to complete his Scandinavian heritage.

Is sen a Norwegian?

Danish people generally use -sen (or just -s, as in Johns instead of Johnsen) for a son and -datter or -sdatter for a daughter. … In the U.S., descendants of Danish and Norwegian immigrants often have similar names that end in -sen, though some people in the U.S. have changed the spelling to -son.

Why do Danish names end in Sen?

The most common Danish family name surnames are patronymic and end in -sen; for example Rasmussen, originally meaning “son of Rasmus” (Rasmus’ son). Descendants of Danish or Norwegian immigrants to the United States frequently have similar names ending in the suffix “-sen” or have changed the spelling to “-son”.

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Is it Sen or son in Swedish?

Sen can only mean son in names, both in Danish and Norwegian! It is probably a reduction of the vowel, in fact very similar to English since you have a tendency to pronounce son like “sen” or “sn” when it is part of a name. In both Denmark and Norway sen is most common. In Norway son is quite common too.

Is Sen Norwegian or Swedish?

All right, but still, why -son, why -sen? The answer is: Swedish still spells and pronounces it with an -o-, and still spells it -son. The Danes reduced the -o- to an uh sound, and so they spell it -sen; the Norwegians tend to follow Danish spelling, since they’d been part of the Danish realm for centuries.

What are some Norwegian surnames?

The statistics: Most popular Norwegian surnames

  • Hansen (53,011)
  • Johansen (50,088)
  • Olsen (49,303)
  • Larsen (37,869)
  • Andersen (37,025)
  • Pedersen (35,145)
  • Nilsen (34,734)
  • Kristiansen (23,397)

Why do Norwegians have two last names?

Norwegian records are more likely to contain a consistent local spelling. A person – especially an emigrant – would likely go by several names during their lifetime, having different names for each of the places they had lived. When choosing one’s name in America, simplicity was a key attribute.

What are Norwegian names?

100 Most Popular Male Names in Norway

87. Alexander 59. Alf 19. Anders
3. Bjørn 42. Christian 63. Dag
45. Daniel 61. Egil 37. Einar
49. Eirik 80. Eivind 18. Erik
72. Erling 38. Espen 77. Finn

Where does the name Sen come from?

Indian (Bengal) and Bangladeshi: Hindu (Baidya, Kayasth) name, from Sanskrit sena ‘army’, ‘armament’. It occurs frequently in Sanskrit literature as the final element of compound names.

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What are some Viking surnames?

According to Origins of English Surnames and A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames: With Special American Instances, English surnames that have their source in the language of the Norse invaders include: Algar, Allgood, Collings, Copsey, Dowsing, Drabble, Eetelbum, Gamble, Goodman, Grave, Grime, Gunn, Hacon, …

What are some Viking last names?

Norman family names of Viking origin

Norman family name Scandinavian origin and meaning (if known)
Ingouf, Igouf, Yngouf, Ygouf, Youf Ingolf (God Ing’s wolf, warrior)
Néel Njall
Onfroy, Onfroi Unfrid (the one who gives peace)
Osmond, Osmont Osmund (unde God’s protection)

How did Vikings name their sons?

Viking parents named their children after a deceased relative, preferably a direct ancestor such as a grandparent or great-grandparent. … If a relative died while a child was the womb, that child always took the name of that relative. If a boy’s father died before he was born, the boy received the father’s name.

Is Thompson a Norwegian name?

Thompson is of English and Scottish origin, meaning son of Thom. … The name Thomson is of Scottish origins, they didn’t add the “p”. When the Normans invaded Ireland in the 12th century many of the Normans settled across Ireland and the name Thompson became more common.

What does Moen mean in Norwegian?

Norwegian: habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads all over Norway, so named from the definite singular form of mo, from Old Norse mór ‘plain’, ‘moor’, ‘heath’.

Is Johnson a Norwegian name?

Johnson is an English patronymic name meaning “son of John (gift of God).” The name John derives from the Latin Johannes, which is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan meaning “Jehovah has favored.” … Examples: English son, Norwegian sen, German sohn, and Swedish sson. Jones is the common Welsh version of this surname.

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